Southern Stisles Records



Southern Stisles Records, LLC - Independent Record Label

Southern Stisles Records is a Louisiana based independent record label specializing in hip-hop. It was founded by Holland “Mr. Envi’ “Witherspoon in 2001.

Southern Stisles played host to a number of local releases by artists, selling online without ever releasing a music video or having a promotional single. By 2005, "Southern Stisles Records" was an official label under the title (DBA, "Southern Stisles Records") later converting to a Limited Liability Company (LLC), in 2009.

In March 2010 Southern Stisles signed a co-op deal with Mia Mind Music, an entertainment promotion and marketing company, who is affiliated with Select-O-Hits for independent record distribution.

In November 2013 Southern Stisles CEO Holland (Mr. Envi') Witherspoon announced that the label had signed a distribution deal with Altavoz Entertainment for digital and physical record distribution.

Presently, the label has restructured itself as an independent artist development record label, committed to offering an affordable service to all artist that are looking to gain exposure and creating awareness, making their music more visible to the public.