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Sound of Now Interview: Mr. Envi'

Joining us for an interview is the fantastic Mr. Envi’.

Hi, how are you?

Mr. Envi’. I’m cool, thank you for askin’. Just really excited about my new upcoming project and anxious to see how everyone takes to it once it releases. 

So, how did you get into music?

Honestly, as far back as I can remember, I’ve been involved with music I’d say when I was around 10 or 11 years old. Not to mention my late Uncle who raised me, was a band director and I was always around music. But I’d have to say one of my older cousins got me started with performing in front of an audience. I was part of a youth church group where she’d book us on church programs and we’d go to those churches to sing a selection of songs we’d practiced. Now mind you, that was then, I really can’t “sing”…lol. Just played my role at the time.

Moving forward, as I got older I gravitated to hip-hop and started free-styling every chance I had. Performing on stage at high school functions, eventually forming a rap group. The group was called “Triad”, which consisted of myself and two of my classmates. Around that time, we had hooked up with another one of my cousins and a local artist by the name of Raggz, who took on the role as a manager and started booking us on talent shows in the local area. Our group didn’t last past high school, but the experience had me wanting more. 

After high school, I joined the military and linked up with some guys who were on the same grind, or should I say were a bit more far along than I was at the time, but we dropped a mixtape called “The Outfit”. The name came from the fact that we were an outfit of individuals from different parts of the US who shared a similar vision. From then on, I kinda stuck with it.

How did ‘Tha 40oz EP’ come about?

Tha 40oz EP was really a spur of the moment kinda thing. On the cool, I’m about to turn 40 this month, so I was in the studio trying to think of a way I could commemorate me still doing music at the age of 40. And that’s how Tha 40oz EP came about. 

What were the challenges when making 'Tha 40oz EP’?

To be honest, there weren’t any. Once I made up my mind to do the project, it took me a week to write and record it from start to finish.

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?

I plan on doing a regional tour in some of the southern parts of the US to promote the release during the early fall. After the tour is over, spend some time with my family and start on the next project.