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Mr. Envi' Announces 2 New EP Releases Scheduled For 2016

Just months after the release of his latest album "Damage Kontrol", Southern Stisles recording artist Mr. Envi' announced that he will be releasing two new projects in 2016.

Mr. Envi' hinted about these releases via social media earlier this week referencing the releases and as of today, the titles of each project, as well as projected release dates have been determined.

The EP's will be a two part series which he plans to release them a few months apart of each other. The first of the two EP titles, "Evryday Hustle", is set to be released sometime in the later part of May. The EP is planned to feature guest appearances by former No Limit & Strange Music artist Young Bleed, Chucky Workclothes and more. The second EP, "All Nite Grind", is set to be released later in the year around mid September.

For more details and announcements, stay tuned to Mr. Envi''s facebook page.

Mr. Envi' is also available for interviews and other press related media. Please send all media inquiries to