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Mr. Envi' Confirms Track List and Release Date for "Evryday Hustle" EP

Early this week Mr. Envi' announced the official release date for his upcoming EP "Evryday Hustle" via social media. It is set to be released May 27, 2016 on his own independent label "Southern Stisles Records". The EP will consist of 7 songs featuring guest appearances by up and coming indie rap artist Chucky Workclothes, JTL, Syke Pachino and Mr. Hympdok.

As mentioned earlier this year, "Evryday Hustle" will be one of a two part EP series in which Mr. Envi' plans to release each project a few months apart from one another. He also stated that, with these next two EP's and projects to come, he hopes to focus more on the hip hop aspect of music even more than his previous releases. The EP's first single "Where We Goin'" feat. Chucky Workclothes is scheduled to be released April 8th, followed by a second single a few weeks after its release.

Mr. Envi' will also be hitting the road starting April 1st on southern hip hop legend Young Bleed's 'South Midwest Rydaz Tour', along with Chucky Workclothes, performing songs from his current release "Damage Kontrol", as well as promoting his "Evryday Hustle" EP.


Confirmed track listing for 'Evryday Hustle'EP:

1. Intro
2. Where We Goin' feat. Chucky Workclothes
3. Bad Dream
4. A Lot On My Mind
5. Gold Diggaz feat. JTL
6. Evryday Hustle feat. Chucky Workclothes & Syke Pachino
7. Like Pro's feat. Mr. Hympdok

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