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Mr. Envi' Releases "Tha 40oz EP" (Hot Indie News)

Southern Stisles recording artist Mr. Envi’ recently released a new EP titled “Tha 40oz”. The EP was released on July 27, 2018 and has made significant progress since its release. The first single off the release “I Gotchu”, received rave reviews from bloggers and fans, as well as producing a trendy music video to help set the tone for the EP’s release.

Mr. Envi’ stated that, “Tha 40oz EP primarily focuses on everyday situations that may seemingly occur with the average person.” Meaning, he wanted this project to relate to as many people who feel that they’re the “average person” as possible.

The full concept of Tha 40oz EP came to be as a way to commemorate Mr. Envi’’s drive to remain consistent in the music business at the age of 40. The EP also shows similarities to that of a Devin the Dude type of album, with the only differences are, one uses cannabis references in the subject matter and the other uses alcohol. Also it was noted that Mr. Envi’ only took a week to write and record the entire EP from start to finish. In addition, the project features production from MistaTBeatz and JTL, who also guest feature on the EP, along with Mr. Hympdok and Big Ced”.