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Summer Of Sum Tour 2011

It's official, Southern Stisles recording artist "Mr. Envi" will be one of the performing acts touring on the Summer of Sum Tour, introducing "E1/ Royal Bloodline Records" recording artist "Digit aka Digitman". The tour is scheduled to kick off June 1, 2011 and is said to be the biggest independent artist tour showcase this year. You can follow and track the status of the tours progress, on it's website: 192239_1541693917234_1681555803_992236_136785_o.jpg_resized

Fan Recognition (Feb. 2011)

It's the end of another month and we at Southern Stisles would like to take the time to recognize the top 3 cities/ countries that has shown us the most love this month: Chicago, Shreveport, and Atlanta/ Canada, Japan, and Germany. Thank you for holding us down and being the true fans that you are! We appreciate each and every one of our fans and would like to acknowledge you every chance we get. So keep the love flowing and again, thank you!!!

Monthly Shout Out

We at Southern Stisles would like to send a SS/O to all our fans in: Chicago, Atlanta, Shreveport, Montgomery, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Waterloo, Bossier City, Issaquah, Livingston, Boston, Canada, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Thank you for all your support!!! Help bring an artist of Southern Stisles to your ho...metown for a performance by checking the discussion tab for booking details. (IBO 2011)

No City Or Town Is Too Small

No city or town is too small!!! If you would like an artist of Southern Stisles Records to come perform for an event or small showcase, let us know. Contact Alfred Munoz of Shambala Sports & Entertainment for booking inquiries at: 786-371-6337 or visit Thank you for your support. I.B.O (Independently Black Owned)

Local/ College Radio

Southern Stisles would like for you, the fans, to call your local or college radio station in your area and request Bigg Redd's - An What feat. Lil' Flip... Support the IBO movement, no matter where you are: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany etc.... Southern Stisles wants to come to you!!!